A unified system of DeFi products focused on creating a safer, more effective environment for the real world.
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In this whitepaper, we will go over our extensive vision for each of our products, as well as the features they contain and our detailed roadmap for developing and releasing them. We will also go over the DRIVENecosystem's team and our tokens in further detail.
DRIVENteam is building a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Our mission

We aim to be a core component of the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the business sector for companies of all sizes. We will provide a secure solution for worldwide transactions of payments between businesses, as well as their customers.
By continually striving to generate and promote innovation while boosting accessibility and opportunity for investors and developers, the DRIVENecosystem encourages long-term DeFi adoption.

Our vision

DRIVENecosystem is focused on creating real-world solutions for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the speed and low transaction fees of the cryptocurrency space, so they can operate efficiently and effectively.


Our team is guided by core principles such as honesty, integrity, respect, ambition, and fun. By doing so, we build a strong community with the same values as us through time and with a lot of effort - a community that makes us proud, trusts us, and knows us for who we are.
Our team operates completely within our guiding principles, which allows us to continually build a stronger relationship with our community and users.

These are our core tenets:

  • Security To facilitate the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency, we scrutinize the dependability of everything we create, consistently challenging the security to help maintain the trust of our users and protect their assets.
  • Innovate
    We push the boundaries of blockchain technology to create novel solutions for improved functionality and security. We focus on creating software solutions that help to demystify the crypto space while improving the capabilities of the blockchain.
  • dApp First
    We value the decentralized nature of the blockchain, and will always create products that aim to be as decentralized as possible. We are actively searching for solutions that maintain anonymity while still providing access for users.
  • Quality
    We don’t believe the concept of a minimum viable product is an efficient strategy to put out the best solutions for users. Instead, we focus on the quality of what we produce, so we won’t release a product until it is something that we love.
  • Empathy
    In order to meet the needs of our users, we are empathetic to a wide range of personas in the cryptocurrency space. In caring for our users we are able to investigate solutions that can improve the experience for as many people as possible.


Our overall goal is to facilitate the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency space, which will rely on acceptance from businesses of all sizes.
In the short term, we are focused on improving the security and accessibility of the space.
In the long term, we will formulate a legal SaaS business entity with offices worldwide so we can continue to operate with full confidence from our partners and users.


The DRIVENecosystem team operates on an ethos of being “planful.” Our team has many years of experience in the traditional SaaS and WealthTech spaces, in both startups and enterprise-level businesses, and fully understands that in order to create high-quality software, it is important to be diligent in extensive planning and risk mitigation methods. Internally, we formulate goals across many timeframes to better understand the path which we should take.
This ability to plan ensures that we create reusable technology in an order that makes sense, and that can be implemented in an efficient manner.

Target customers

Although our ultimate goal is to cater to businesses across many industries and of many sizes, our focus in the early stages of the DRIVENecosystem is bringing security-focused solutions to the cryptocurrency space.
As we understand that this particular industry has a learning curve, our primary focus is on creating a space that is educational while teaching best practices, as well as a focus on User Experience in areas we see as confusing or difficult to comprehend.
With this framework, we are hoping to facilitate a more educated public, which will help us to further bring awareness to the potential of the crypto space, and will gain the confidence and trust of our future customers in business.

Our ecosystem

Video explanation

What is the DRIVENecosystem - video explanation
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