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DRIVENecosystem's Team

DRIVENecosystem's Core Team

Paul Socarde

CEO & Co-founder
  • Paul is a co-founder of DRIVENecosystem, a former tennis player, and an online marketer (he created and executed marketing campaigns for political parties, local businesses, international businesses, and eCommerce stores), with a background in OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) languages such as C++, Java, and Python. His actions are guided by the strong core principles he developed during his tennis career, the most important of which is that "hard work eventually beats talent".

Niko Jukić

COO & Co-founder
  • Niko co-founded DRIVENecosystem with the purpose of developing blockchain-based solutions that allow developers and investors to operate safely in the space. Niko has always been interested in technology, and he is particularly enthused about the DeFi space and blockchain technologies. He finished a number of courses successfully (Java programming, web design, PHP programming, and Python programming).

Scott Crowley

COB, Chairman of the Board
  • Scott is a technologist with over 27 years of expertise in a variety of industries, from 5 person start-ups to global organizations with thousands of employees, including biotechnology, finance, legal, entertainment, and education. He has a wide range of skills and experience in the IT field, spanning many aspects, suppliers and technologies. In the last ten years, he has mostly worked in the software and SaaS industries, with a special focus on the hyper-converged domain in hybrid cloud technology environments, where he has managed public and private clouds at scale.

Cody Krantz

CCO, Chief Creative Officer
  • Cody is an entrepreneur who has been creating content to foster growth for small businesses for over 20 years. His knack for identifying trends has successfully helped him grow and promote his clients all over Northern California. He is continually learning to improve his craft and brings his thirst for knowledge to the DRIVENecosystem YouTube channel, where he creates content geared towards rookie and seasoned crypto investors alike.

Brandon Desormeaux

UI/UX Lead Designer
  • Brandon is a UX/UI designer based out of Central Massachusetts who focuses on creating simple solutions to complex problems through design. His attention to detail and focus on end-to-end digital processes provides him a unique ability to create simple and engaging experiences. His experience in the highly regulated WealthTech and medical device industries provides a useful perspective for creating applications that help facilitate the transition into the DeFi space.