Securing the crypto world with smart audits for DeFi projects

What is DRIVENsecurity?

Cryptocurrency is currently in a gold rush stage, with many new individuals entering the market, and whenever new people enter a market or space, there will always be others looking to take advantage of those new entrants. This is an undesirable occurrence in crypto space, but the reality is that it is quite simple due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, people can steal your money in some instances, therefore we're here to help prevent that as much as we can using DRIVENsecurity.
DRIVENsecurity is a service that delivers security analysis for DeFi projects as part of the DRIVENecosystem.


Accepting a project audit can be viewed as a sign of confidence and is typically the first indicator of trust for a project, but it does not guarantee that a team will not remove funds from the liquidity pool, sell tokens, or engage in any other type of fraud. There is also no method to restrict private sale holders from selling their tokens. It is ultimately your obligation to read through all documentation, social media posts, and contract code for each project in order to draw your own conclusions and define your own risk tolerance.
DRIVENsecurity accepts no responsibility for any losses or speculative investments. This audit's material is given solely for informational reasons and should not be construed as investment advice.

Audit options

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis is an overall project analysis with several separate aspects that will be evaluated before reaching a final decision. Every element will be rated with a score ranging from 1 to 5, and we will be able to obtain a total score and conclusion for all aspects.

Smart Contract Technical Analysis

DRIVENsecurity is providing a detailed smart contract audit that is thoroughly examined and analyzed. This procedure is carried out to uncover mistakes, flaws, and security vulnerabilities in the code in order to recommend improvements and solutions. In general, smart contract audits are required because most contracts deal with financial assets.

KYC (know your customer) service

Project owners can contact the DRIVENteam to initiate a KYC verification procedure. During this procedure, project owners will be required to have a video meeting with us, provide us with photos of personal documents (ID, driver's license...), and show us the contract ownership. If a project's team agrees to do a KYC verification, they should be fully aware that a portion of the information will be released to the public if the project decides to defraud investors.

Wallet forensics

In the process of wallet forensics, DRIVENteam will go through the top 25 holders and check their stability and holding amounts. We will also look at the contract owner's initial transactions that are made right after the initial minting of the supply after smart contract deployment, in the hopes of uncovering suspicious token liquidation from team members and any suspicious use of the tokens from provided liquidity pool.

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Multi-tool DAPP

One of our main objectives for the DRIVENsecurity part of the ecosystem is to create a multi-tool DAPP that will assist other projects/developers with tasks like locking liquidity, multi-sending tokens, smart contract migrations, and other similar tasks.
The first piece of the puzzle is a DRIVENmigrate platform, which will make it simple for developers and their investors to migrate tokens from the existing smart contract to the new one. On the link below, you can learn more about the DRIVENmigrate platform, which is currently in development.

Video explanation

Audit request

If you are the owner of a project, you can request an audit by filling out this form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.