Earn DRIVENx/MELONx through yield farming or staking.

What is DRIVENswap?

DRIVENswap is a platform that allows users to contribute to stake or farm pools and earn additional DRIVENx tokens in a passive manner. Only reputable projects that pass the DRIVENsecurity audit will be listed on DRIVENswap by the DRIVENecosystem team.

What is yield farming?

Yield farming also referred to as liquidity mining, is a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. It is simply a way for you to earn more by locking your cryptocurrency asset.

What is staking?

Staking is the process of actively engaging in transaction validation on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain (similar to crypto mining). Anyone with a minimum needed amount of a DRIVENx can validate transactions and receive Staking rewards on these blockchains.


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Difference between Staking & Farming

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