DRIVENswap V2.0

Staking and farming platform made by DRIVENecosystem
DRIVENswap V2.0 - Staking and Farming Platform

What is DRIVENswap?

DRIVENswap is a platform that allows users to contribute to stake or farm pools and earn additional tokens in a passive manner. With the release of the platform's V2 version, we are pleased to provide listing possibilities to other projects who would like to run a staking or farming pool on our platform.

What is staking?

Staking pools are a widely utilized utility model in the decentralized financial industry and an excellent method to generate passive income from your current holdings.
The person who chooses to stake does so by locking their tokens inside a staking pool contract rather than keeping them in their wallet. Then, the staking pool contract will compensate the person for locking up tokens by gradually releasing more free tokens on top of the person's initial stake.

Difference between Staking & Farming

Staking Pools Options

The APR for staking pools depends on the total quantity of staked tokens in the pool and is not a fixed number. However, our team will manually adjust it as necessary.
When Harvesting is disabled on a specific pool, it indicates that collecting pending rewards from the staking pool is suspended until the locking time has passed. These rewards will be able to get collected when the tokens have been unlocked.
When Compounding is disabled on a specific pool, a user cannot contribute his pending rewards back to the pool to generate additional tokens; instead, he may only collect his rewards when the locking time has expired.
If a user wishes to terminate his staking pool before the lock expiry date, he can use the Emergency Withdraw option, which will cancel all of his pending rewards from the pool (this applies on 30 and 90 day pools, however pending rewards from 180 and 360-day pools can be claimed at any time) and apply a percentage tax on his initially staked tokens.


Lock Duration
Emergency Withdraw Tax
30 Days
≈ 12%
90 Days
≈ 16%
180 Days
≈ 19%
360 Days
≈ 24%

Listing guide for project developers

A blog article regarding the token listing on the DRIVENswap platform may be found at the URL below.
DRIVENswap V2.0 - Listing Form

Withdraw your tokens from DRIVENswap V1

Use the link below to access the V1 (old) DRIVENswap version to withdraw your tokens.
Please use a direct dApp browser connection rather than WalletConnect on the V1 DRIVENswap platform.
If you have any other questions make sure to join our Telegram group: