The time has come to purchase goods and services for your company in a highly secure environment.


DRIVENx (DVX) is a fair-launched BEP20 token released on the Binance Smart Chain Network in June of 2021. Our focus is on bridging the gaps between cryptocurrency and standard FIAT-based business as usual.
DRIVENx is not just merely a token with utility, we are a movement! We are a community, a community of contributors and collaborators, a community that expects more from the crypto space!
DRIVENx’s primary goal is to bridge the needs of everyday businesses from your barber to your baker to your candlestick maker with the crypto ecosystem that enables them to use cryptocurrency for goods and services in a simple and intuitive manner, removing complexity from the current cumbersome process.

Mission of DRIVENx

We are creating a platform in which all humans can carry out all their existing transactions with respect to their customer's supply chain, via cryptocurrency.
The platform will allow users to pay and receive funds immediately for goods and/or services without having to convert their cryptocurrency to FIAT currency, avoiding costly exchange fees and price volatility.
Users can pay or receive the cryptocurrency of their choosing and transact in a peer-to-peer manner using our service as the intermediary broker for the transactions.

DRIVENtrade platform

The DRlVENtrade platform will serve as a gathering place for those that are seeking to move from the stone age of web l.0 style online transacting to the modern methodology of using digital encrypted currency to keep up with existing technology trends and future standards.

How will it work?

There will be two types of registration:
  1. 1.
    Customer account - an account created solely for the purpose of purchasing goods or services through DRIVENtrade
  2. 2.
    Vendor account - a user account that allows them to list their goods or services on DRIVENtrade
When a vendor lists a good or service on DRIVENtrade, the cost will be in our native DVX token by default; however, the purchaser can choose to transact in DVX, our currency, to simplify and streamline the process and avoid additional transaction fees.
Users with a customer account will be able to use any cryptocurrency they like, but there will be incentives for using DVX, such as free discounts, shipping promotions, and priority ordering, among other things.

Why DRIVENtrade?

The main reason is the simplicity in which cryptocurrencies can be used in everyday life, from purchasing goods or services to sell to other DRIVENtrade users. Second, we will operate in a fashion that protects both buyers and sellers by utilizing our crypto escrow service as an intermediary.

How will the escrow account work?

When someone makes a purchase from a provider, the funds will be placed in an escrow account, and when the buyer receives goods/services and is satisfied with it, the funds will be transferred to the provider.
We understand that keeping a large amount of funds in escrow can have a major impact on cash flow for large-volume providers. We will negotiate an appropriate proportion of funds to hold in escrow based on volume, so as not to disrupt cash flow but to provide the security that our customers require.

DRIVENtrade conclusion

DRIVENtrade will be a one-stop shop for all your supply chain needs, trading directly in cryptocurrency and allowing you to bypass many levels of fees and transfer charges.
We are working hard to create a platform that is simple to use and available across all your devices because we recognize how much work is done on the internet these days.


Initial supply
Burned amount
51,366,842 (25.13%)
Staking and farming supply (active minting)
15,212,452 (6.08%)
Total supply after minting
Maximum circulating supply

Smart Contract Features (BEP20)

Our goal with the new smart contract was to make it as flexible as possible while keeping a high degree of security, which we were able to do.

Here are some of the functions of the DRIVENx 2.0 smart contract

  • auto liquidity pool
  • BUSD (BEP20) dividends
  • cross-chain ability
  • enhanced security
  • tax-free token transfer
  • controlled minting for staking and farming
DRIVENx smart contract includes several security features, one of which is called reentrancy guard, and it will entirely protect us against the reentrancy exploit, which has recently been utilized on several projects and caused a lot of damage to investors.
BUSD (BEP-20) dividends - 4% of tax applied on every transaction (through Pancakeswap V2 liquidity pool) is rewarded in form of BUSD (BEP20) to all holders that hold at least 3,500 DVX tokens
Our smart contract supports cross-chain technology, which ensures that contracts are activated sequentially on different blockchains, first to the sender's contract, then to the recipient's contract. This means that DRIVENx will be on many blockchains in the future.

Token specifications:

Symbol: DVX
Decimals: 18
Supply: 250,000,000
Initial emission rate: 1.3 DVX/block
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
TechRate Smart Contract Audit

Transaction Fee

DRIVENx is a token with tax applied to every transaction. A portion of the transferred amount is added to liquidity and rewarded to holders in BUSD (BEP20), with every transfer that interacts with the Pancakeswap V2 liquidity pool.
The goal for DRIVENx in the future is to be a tax-free token, but as we are currently in the early stages of development, it is critical that we build a solid liquidity pool for the project's future.
Farming and staking address
Development wallet address


DRIVENdashboard allows you to keep track of your BUSD dividends and the overall value of your DRIVENx holdings.