We can beat breast cancer. Together!


Breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer diagnosed in women in the United States, after skin cancer. Breast cancer can affect both man and women, but it affects women significantly more frequently. Substantial support for breast cancer awareness and research funding has aided in the advancement of breast cancer diagnosis and therapy.
Breast cancer survival rates have grown, and the number of deaths associated with the disease has progressively decreased, because of factors such as earlier diagnosis, a new personalized approach to therapy, and a better understanding of the disease.

What is MELONx?

MELONx is the second project of the DRIVENecosystem. MELONx is a charity project that was created specifically to help women all over the world who are currently battling breast cancer. We can make a difference and help them succeed if we work together!

Our purpose

Our mission is to create a cryptocurrency donation platform to assist over 2,500 women in their fight against breast cancer. The cryptocurrency donations platform will be our primary utility case. Since it will be constructed on the blockchain, every transaction will be transparent, and people will be able to see that their money is going directly to the individual they want to help. Our main objective is to assist women in their fight against breast cancer.
We have the ability to make a genuine difference for the larger good, rather than just for ourselves. We remind ourselves of our responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone by donating to those in need.


Initial supply
Burned amount
27,856,023 (27.85%)
Staking and Farming supply
25,274,009 (25.27%)
Maximum circulating supply

Token specifications:

Name: MELONx
Symbol: $MLNX
Decimals: 18
Supply: 100,000,000
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Transaction Fee

MELONx is a token that has a fee charged on every transaction since a percentage of the transacted amount is added to the liquidity pool, redistributed to holders in BUSD, and placed in the charity/marketing.
TechRate Smart Contract Audit

Video explanation